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This list was last updated on:  01/23/2015 05:59 PM

R&D = Runs and Lot Drives

All vehicles have salvage or prior salvage title unless otherwise noted.


2014 CHEVY SILVERADO 2500HD LS CREW, 6.0L, 4x4, 8' bed, 10,070 mi, bags OK, RH front dmg  R&D $18,900 E07234
2013 DODGE RAM 1500 QUAD CAB, 5.7L, 4x4, 17,127 miles, LH front/rear damage  Runs $11,400 E09Z42
2013 FORD F150 XLT EXT. CAB, 5.0L, 4x4, AT, 6,115 miles, RH side damage  R&D $16,650 E09201
2013 GMC SIERRA 1500 DENALI CREW, 6.2L, 4X4, leather, DVD, sunroof, 10,407 mi, LH side dmg R&D $25,500 E03F12
2012 GMC SIERRA 1500 SLE Z71 CREW, 5.3L, 4X4, power seat, 35,931 miles, bags OK, front damage R&D $16,900 E04114
2011 TOYOTA TACOMA PRE-RUNNER ACCESS CAB, 4.0L, 4x2, 43,640 mi, LH side damage  R&D $12,600 E05A04
2011 TOYOTA TACOMA TRD DOUBLE CAB, 4.0L, 4x4, 12,291 miles, front damage  R&D $15,900 E07F12
2011 TOYOTA TACOMA TRD DOUBLE CAB, 4.0L, 4x4, leather, 31,960 mi, RH front/RH bedside dmg Runs $13,900 E07S16

NISSAN TITAN SE CREW CAB, 5.6L, 4X2, 36,951 miles, front damage  R&D

$8,950 C05Q15

GMC SIERRA 1500 CREW CAB, 4.8L, 2WD, air bags are good, 28,311 miles, LH side damage R&D

$8,250 A03V27
2006 TOYOTA TUNDRA DOUBLE CAB SR5, 4.7L, 4X4, 43,996 mi, bags OK, RH side dmg  R&D $10,600 E03409
2006 TOYOTA TUNDRA ACCESS CAB SR5, 4.0L, 2WD, 57,633 mi, bags OK, RH front damage $ E10102


2014 CHRYSLER TOWN & CNTRY TOURING, 3.6L, leather, DVD, StowNGo, 4,788 mi, LH frt/rear dmg Runs $12,800 E06Z20
2013 FORD TRANSIT CONNECT XLT, 2.0L, 37,913 miles, rear damage  R&D $9,800 E10A04
2012 CHRYSLER TOWN & COUNTRY TOURING, 3.6L, DVD, Stow-N-Go, 40,055 miles, LH side dmg R&D $8,200 E09103

TOYOTA SIENNA LE, 3.5L, power seat, power doors, rear AC, 207 miles, front damage  R&D

$11,400 C01C06
2011 DODGE GRAND CARAVAN EXPRESS, 3.6L, Stow-N-Go, 56,495 mi, bags OK, rear dmg R&D HOLD $5,950 E09J25
2011 HONDA ODYSSEY EX-L, 3.5L, leather, DVD, pwr doors, pwr/htd seats, 35,012 mi, front damage R&D $12,600 E01J09

CHRYSLER TOWN & COUNTRY LX, 3.3L, 65,300 miles, bags OK, front damage  R&D

$3,950 D02F33

HONDA ODYSSEY EX-L DVD, 3.5L, leather, sunroof, pwr doors, 61,287 miles, RH side damage R&D

$6,200 C02Q11
2006 HONDA ODYSSEY TOURING, 3.5L, leather, sunroof, DVD, 56,683 miles, front damage  R&D $5,450 E05Z06


2014 FORD ESCAPE S, 2.5L, 4X2, 3,301 miles, front damage $7,900 E06324
2013 CHEVY CAPTIVA LT, 2.4L, 4x2, power seat, 26,710 mi, bags OK, minor rear dmg  R&D GOOD TITLE $14,800 E08T10
2013 FORD FLEX SEL, 3.5L, 4X2, leather, pwr/htd seats, 1,869 miles, bags OK, roof damage  R&D $11,600 E06J22

CHEVY EQUINOX LT (white), 2.4L, 2WD, pwr seat, 30,762 mi, bags OK, front damage  R&D

$10,200 D04X39
2012 FORD ESCAPE XLT, 3.0L, power seat, 4x4, 48,294 miles, LH rear damage  Runs $4,950 E09E11
2011 CHEVY EQUINOX LS, 2.4L, 4X2, power seat, air bags are good, ------ miles, electrical $10,200 D10115
2011 HONDA CR-V EX-L, 2.4L, 4WD, leather, pwr/htd seats, nav, sunroof, 29,379 mi, LH side dmg R&D $10,950 E01F11
2010 JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE LMTD, 5.7L, 4X4, leather, pwr seats, nav, sunroof, 62,696 mi, frt dmg R&D $9,600 D10P44
2010 JEEP WRANGLER UNLIMITED, 3.8L, 4x4, AT, 33,139 miles, front/rear damage  R&D $14,950 E08112
2008 LEXUS RX350, 3.5L, 4x2, leather, sunroof, pwr/htd seats, 62,265 mi, frt dmg R&D Includes front clip $12,600 E08I11
2008 LEXUS RX350, AWD, 3.5L, sunroof, pwr/htd seats, 26,610 mi, bags OK, front damage  R&D $11,200 E11Z10
2008 SUBARU FORESTER 2.5X, AWD, AT, 28,558 miles, front damage $3,950 E11X15
2006 LEXUS RX330, 3.3L, AWD, sunroof, leather, pwr/htd seats, 55,739 mi, bags OK, LH frt dmg Runs $8,950 E09S10
2005 TOYOTA 4-RUNNER SPORT EDITION, 4.0L, 4X4, sunroof, bags OK, 107,616 mi, frt dmg  R&D $ E09T23

FORD EXPEDITION XLT, 2WD, 5.4L, leather, 3rd row, pwr seat, 80,642 mi, bags OK, LH frt dmg R&D

$4,650 B11B11
2003 GMC YUKON, 5.3L, 4X4, power seat, rear AC, 145,655 miles, front damage  R&D $3,600 E02P15
2003 HONDA PILOT EX, 3.5L, AWD, 3rd row, leather, power seat, DVD, 119,446 mi, bags OK, frt dmg R&D $4,450 E02K05
2003 MERCEDES ML350, 3.7L, AWD, leather, sunroof, 83,805 miles, bags OK, rear damage  R&D $5,950 E02Z18

LEXUS RX300, 3.0L, 2WD, leather, sunroof, pwr seats, 111,465 mi, bags OK, front/rear damage R&D

$3,900 C03A15


2014 DODGE AVENGER SXT, 2.4L, leather, sunroof, 4,554 mi, bags OK, frt dmg R&D GOOD TITLE $8,900 E06117
2014 FORD FOCUS SE HATCHBACK, 2.0L, sunroof, 17,210 miles, RH rear damage  R&D $ E11Z19
2014 FORD FUSION SE, 2.5L, power seat, 13,431 miles, bags OK, LH front damage R&D GOOD TITLE $14,000 E12113
2013 DODGE AVENGER R/T, 3.6L, sunroof, pwr/htd seats, AT, 20,873 mi, bags good, LH side dmg R&D $8,650 E07J32
2013 DODGE CHALLENGER, 3.6L, leather, sunroof, pwr/htd seat, AT, 17,472 mi, bags OK, frt dmg R&D $11,650 E07B33
2012 FORD FUSION SE, 2.5L, sunroof, power seat, 19,359 miles, bags are good, front damage $5,600 E06131
2011 CADILLAC CTS LUXURY, 3.0L, leather, sunroof, pwr/htd/cooled seats, 39,558 mi, LH frt dmg R&D $ F01A08
2010 CHEVY CAMARO LS, 3.6L, AT, 33,973 miles, RH quarter damage  R&D $10,200 E03410

FORD FOCUS SE SEDAN, 2.0L, cruise, 6 CD, 18,041 miles, front damage  R&D

$4,300 D05Z07
2009 FORD MUSTANG GT, 4.6L, leather, pwr seat, Shaker 500, MT, 41,748 mi, bags OK, rear dmg  R&D $9,600 E06P27
2009 PONTIAC G8 GT, 6.0L, leather, sunroof, power/heated seats, 37,820 miles, front damage Runs $8,950 E01P18
2007 CHRYSLER PT CRUISER CONVERTIBLE, 2.4L, 60,263 miles, air bags are good, light frt/rear dmg $3,950 E07136


2014 NISSAN MAXIMA, 3.5L, pwr seat, sunroof, 27,714 miles, LH front damage R&D  GOOD TITLE $11,800 E12107

NISSAN ALTIMA S sedan, 2.5L, power seat, 9,477 miles, front damage  R&D  GOOD TITLE

$11,650 D03X17

HONDA ACCORD LX SEDAN, 2.4L, 20,559 miles, front damage  R&D

$7,900 D03B11

VOLKSWAGEN GOLF HATCHBACK 2DR, 2.5L, 5 spd, 7,604 mi, front damage Runs GOOD TITLE

$6,750 C08M01
2010 SUBARU IMPREZA 2.5I PREMIUM, AWD, sunroof, htd seats, 31,623 mi, bags OK, RH frt dmg R&D $4,975 E11T16
2009 VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE, 2.5L, leather, sunroof, 45,232 miles, front damage $4,950 E07339

MAZDA 5, 2.3L, 3rd row seats, sunroof, 46,174 miles, bags OK, LH side damage R&D

$4,950 B10G09
2007 VOLVO S40, 2.4I, sunroof, power seat, 49,079 miles, front damage  Runs $4,200 D12215
2006 VOLVO S80 2.5T, AWD, leather, sunroof, pwr/htd seats, 61,477 mi, bags OK, front damage R&D $4,600 E11A08

HONDA ACCORD HYBRID SEDAN, 3.0L, leather, pwr/htd seats, 73,669 miles, RH side damage R&D

$5,400 D03E25
2004 MAZDA 3 HATCHBACK, 2.3L, 107,686 miles, air bags are good, front damage  R&D $3,400 D12Z16
2001 BMW 325I, 2.5L, leather, sunroof, 111k miles, minor issues  R&D PRIOR SALVAGE TITLE $4,400 B06E02



TOYOTA SIENNA XLE, 3.5L, leather, sunroof, htd seats, pwr doors, 8K miles

$22,950 C02J16
2011 TOYOTA CAMRY LE, 2.5L, leather, sunroof, power seat, 21K miles $13,400 D02E25

FORD TAURUS X SEL, AWD, 3.5L, leather, 3rd row, power seat, 6 CD, 46,259 miles

$11,600 B01C10
2008 SATURN AURA XR, 3.6L, leather, sunroof, pwr/htd seats, 54,383 mi  GOOD TITLE $8,950 E11S13

VOLVO S60 2.5T AWD, sunroof, leather, pwr/htd seats, 46,647 miles

$11,900 C06P50
2003 CHEVY SUBURBAN 1500, 5.3L, 4X4, aftermarket DVD, 3rd row, around 90K miles $7,950 D08M14

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